Moin Hamburg….

Moin Hamburg….

The Hamburg Centre for Health Economics (HCHE) welcomed the 15 ETN researchers officially with an induction program followed by a lively dinner  on the 13th of November 2017.This was the second time that the researchers met  each other and the first time for the faculty at HCHE. The program started with a warm welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Tom Stargardt, Chair of Health Care Management, followed by a brief overview session regarding the IQCE (Improving Quality of Care in Europe) program by Prof. Dr. Jonas Schreyogg, Scientific Director at HCHE. In between, HCHE also arranged for an ETN (European Training Network) researchers introduction session, where each ETN introduced themselves and presented their research interests. The induction program finished with a brief talk regarding communication , responsibilities of the ETN researchers and social activities by Elena Philips, IQCE Managing Director.Another highlight of the induction program was the selection of the ESR (Early Stage Researchers) representative. With the maximum number of votes , Ms. Anna-Katharina Böhm was selected as the ESR representative while Ryan Wyeth was selected as the vice-representative.

For the next three days from 14th November to 16th November 2017, we had micro econometric lectures given by Prof. Dr. Stephan Hoderlein, Professor of Economics Boston College,USA. Prof. Stephan, with his amazing sense of humor, transformed the otherwise purely technical class into one that was educative and fun at the same time.He also took time to get involved in the social activities during the three days of the lecture. On 17th November, we had the Lecture for Creative Writing, taken by Dr.Andrea Sanchini. Personally I found it instructive as it helped us to understand and imbibe the techniques of writing as well as the concept of intellectual property rights and research integrity.



During the weekend i.e. the 18th and 19th of November, we took our time to see around Hamburg. We visited the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, City Hall and some museums. We also tried the popular restaurants around the city. On the 20th of November, we had the Project Management Lecture, which was given by Dr.Anette Hammerschmidt. The class revolved around the theme -Managing your thesis as a project. The class, as some put it, was illuminating concerning the tasks ahead of us.

The lecture was very productive for us as it provided us with various tools to plan and schedule our activities both on a big picture as well as regarding the minute details at the same time. At the end of the class, which was the last day at Hamburg, Elena Philips came to take our feedback regarding all the lectures and our week in Hamburg in general. We finished our week with a fun filled and delicious dinner near the Hamburg Port. We look forward to our next meeting in Milan which is poised to be one that will be fun while giving us the opportunity to learn more about epidemiology.

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