Hamburg, we meet again! Quality courses on measuring quality of care in September 2018 in Hamburg

Hamburg, we meet again! Quality courses on measuring quality of care in September 2018 in Hamburg

17 January 2019, by Laurie Rachet Jacquet

In September 2018, fresh from our summer conferences and holidays, we were back to Hamburg for three courses on quality of care using administrative data. These courses took us to the core of our research: the quality of healthcare systems as a concept and practical object of study. Most of us use administrative data but the term covers large variation. Who wouldn’t wish to have access to Danish data for instance? Though, according to our ETN fellows based in Denmark, “good things come to those who wait”(!)

We started off on September 17th by considering how to measure quality of care using administrative data. The course was kicked off by Prof. Jonas Schreyögg to discuss both the theoretical foundations for the definition(s) and measures of quality, while considering the implications in terms of the sources of data that researchers may use. Prof. Gary Young then talked us through the recent key developments in the measures of quality and hospital performance assessment used in the United States. On the last day of the course, we had an insightful discussion on quality of care and performance in the case of integrated care programmes led by Prof. Eva Oppel who had selected a set of papers in this new research strand for group discussions.

Prof. Eva Oppel also taught the next course on measuring patient satisfaction, reviewing the theoretical concepts and approaches to patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) of quality in different countries.

The last course on quality of care and administrative data brought us to consider methods for risk-adjustment for quality outcomes with administrative data. These few days added a nice touch to our previous conversations by bringing a practical approach on quantitative methods. Prof. Dr. Tom Stargardt started off by discussing methods for risk-adjustments, after which Prof. Dr. Marco Caliendo told us all about matching methods, difference-in-differences and regression discontinuity designs. The course was also organised to provide hands-on exercises on Stata, which surely will save us a lot of time when we’ll apply this to our research!

But it would not be an ETN meeting without socials. We had an excellent dinner at a traditional German restaurant on the first day with the course instructors and Elena Phillips.

There is no doubt that the non-German-speakers of our group are now expected to master the food staples of a traditional German menu like Spätzle, Schnitzel or Franzbrötchen.

Over the dinner, Prof. Gary Young shared stories from his time as an FBI agent in charge of hospital fraud detection, which – the rumour has it – stimulated new career interests among many fellows!

The dinner was also the occasion to celebrate Torsten’s birthday – whose exact age is no one’s business. But let’s all save the date for his turning of a decade next September =)

Auf Wiedersehen Hamburg, it won’t be long till we meet again!




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